Whether you are looking to buy a commercial building to stablish your own business or just want a property to lease, a commercial building can be a smart investment if you are looking to increase your patrimony. Even when it implies a more difficult process than renting a single-family home, this type of property can bring you a higher profit.

In our class, we will teach you all the details you need to know to make a great decision when purchasing your next investment, and we will cover alongside you the basic steps and rules you need to make sure to follow in order to invest your money successfully.

On our 3 hours professional training you will learn:

  • To identify potential properties
  • How to make an offer and close the deal
  • The financial aid that fits your needs the best
  • Detailed information and documents you will need to make a purchase
  • To run the numbers on the property

Take this class and learn from professionals who will help you get the information you need when purchasing a commercial building.

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