Did you find the perfect house, but it needs some work to be suitable for living?

If your answer is yes, it’s probable you want to learn about 203k loans.

An FHA 203K loan is backed by the federal government and it’s given to buyers to acquire damage or older homes and do some repairs to it. This type of loan allows you to loan money for both make a purchase of a home, and to make home improvements. This way, you can borrow money to purchase the house and still have enough to fund the repairs in case you need to.

If you are exploring the best option to buy your dream home, we will guide you through the process in our class.

You will learn about among many other tips:

• Pros and cons of an 203k loan.
• Requirements.
• Interest rates.
• Time needed.
• Eligibility.

We will teach you about the best way to get your loan to buy a house.

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