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Even when having a property for rent it’s a great investment, finding a tenant who is responsible and that you feel comfortable with can be time-consuming and stressful.

Do you want to save time when renting out a property?

In this class you will learn the reasons why using a Real Estate Agent can help you avoid headaches and make this process easier and faster. We will teach you how a realtor will help you lease your properties and find great tenants.

Learn what can you get from hiring a Real Estate Agent.

We will teach you the advantages of hiring a realtor such as how a Real Estate Agent charges for his/her services, and what tasks these services include, like making appointments, showing the rental to potential tenants, performing screening and background checks for them, drafting the lease contracts, and having your property listed on some channels that could be harder to have access to without the support of a real estate expert.

In our class we will cover some tips any landlord should take into consideration when hiring a Real Estate Agent:

  • Why it’s important to ask around for other landlord’s opinions, referral and interview different agents before deciding.
  • Reasons to check your agent’s past, background and reputation.
  • How constantly you should have contact with your agent and how to set terms of your involvement in your process.
  • Why it is important to request all the information in advance regarding the costs and fees for your agent’s service.

In this class we will teach you the responsibilities and how a Real Estate Agent can do more than sell houses, and how they can help you in many other ways.

Sometimes renting processes and dealing with tenants or administrative tasks, can take away important time that you could be spending with your family.

On this class we will walk you through the process and show you what alternatives you have in hiring a professional that will save you time, money and give you peace of mind, putting your property on the right hands and selecting a tenant that is fit for you.

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