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Are you interested on buying a new home?

Learn the basic steps you should consider to start this process.

The process of buying a new home can be overwhelming. In our class you will learn how to make this process easier. We will teach you what aspects to consider before diving in and making that purchase.

In our class, we will teach you all the details you are going to need to make a great decision when purchasing your home, and we will cover with you the basic steps and rules you need to make sure to follow in order to get your dream home.

In our class we will cover 10 commandments every home buyer should follow:

  • We will show you why keeping your job is important.
  • How buying a car affects your availability to buy a house.
  • How credit cards impacts your purchase.
  • How to save money for your closing cost
  • How to fill your debt application.
  • Why not to buy furniture before or during the purchase of a house.
  • The reason not to check your credit regularly.
  • Reason not to make large deposits in your bank account without checking with your loan officer.
  • Reason why you should not change your bank accounts.
  • Explain circumstances why you should not sign as co-signer.

We will walk through the reasons why when applying for mortgage loans it is important to present a stable and responsible image. We will discuss why staying at your current job and maintaining your bank accounts can be the smartest choice.

Additionally, we will make you make sure that you are on the right track with with any old debts, show you how to keep a close eye on any extra expenses like a new car, furniture, travels, or any other that can represent a step back on your budget.

We will show you why actions that may seem inoffensive such as consulting your credit score on some sites by yourself, can result in hurting your rating.

Take this class and be led by professionals who will help you get the information you need for reviewing and make sure your loan applications gets accepted.

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